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Whether the task at hand is navigating through a difficult zoning jurisdiction, or delicately negotiating with a nervous landlord, Tower Genics understands that the finesse of a good Site Acquisition team can mean the difference between success or failure. Our in-house Site Acquisition team is comprised of skilled telecommunications professionals with vast, innovative knowledge of leasing, RF, zoning, permitting, and project management efficiencies. We are committed to the success of our clients, and our experience gives us the ability to avoid common pitfalls that would otherwise delay or derail projects.

Tower Genics turnkey operations eliminate the hassle of relaying information between multiple vendors. Once you experience the streamlined processes of our in-house, turnkey Site Acquisition department working side-by-side with our Civil Engineering, Survey, and Regulatory groups, you’ll see that avoiding problems doesn’t have to be an exception to the rule.

When it comes to telecommunications engineering, Tower Genics does it all.

As a full-service engineering and construction organization, we operate in a variety of capacities for both new and existing construction projects.

Our services range from initial site design through construction to the final inspection.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction for the telecommunications and commercial industries.

Our construction expertise allows us to handle project scopes of all sizes whether it’s constructing new telecommunications towers, reinforcing or modifying existing towers, installing lines and antennas, or performing maintenance on existing structures.

Land surveying is vital for any engineering project because the design and development depend on its accuracy. Our in-house crews provide us with the opportunity for our design engineers to work closely with the surveyors to ensure all pertinent site data is collected.

Tower Genics Environmental Resource team are multi-disciplined team of scientists that strive to provide our clients with a level of environmental compliance services that separates us from the competition.

Our years of experience have allowed us to build relationships with not only our clients but also the federal, state, and tribal entities that enforce the laws and regulations that govern the wireless communications industry.

We pride ourselves in the ability to expedite deliverable’s to our clients while also providing a product that is accurate, reliable and cost effective.

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